Mike's Chocolate Delights

About Me

My name is Michael Thomas, and I’m a local baker. I bake chocolate desserts because I have lots of knowledge and understanding of chocolate... Growing up, I grew up in the ghetto streets of Oakland. During my preteen years, I got into lots of trouble and made bad decisions. But I learned from them. When I was 16 I decided to turn over a new leaf. I started going back to school and being a positive role model to the kids who were younger than me. What got me into baking with chocolate is my 10th grade year, when I did a presentation on the history of chocolate. I learned that chocolate was used for lots of different things, which ignited this passion of baking with chocolate. I experimented lots and lots of times until I finally got what I wanted- a unique, intense product, which everyone loves.

Why Support My Bakery?!

What I’m asking you (future customers) is to support me rather than supporting large companies. Compared to store bought desserts,  my desserts are way better. The reason behind this is because they are made from scratch and there is no high fructose corn syrup or other preservatives. I use high quality and fair trade chocolate, and there is a BIG taste difference! I can put my money where my mouth is, literally. But back on the the subject, my desserts are also cheaper, $2-4 sliding scale per item, depending on what you can want to pay. My prices are really cheap, I am all about quality and the customer's opinion, because the customer is always right.