Mike's Chocolate Delights

What's on the Menu:

What I’m baking right now is cookies, cupcakes and cake.

Chocolate Chunk Cookies:
I make chocolate chunk cookies, which are made from scratch, and 40% milk and dark chocolate, combined together. This creates a unique flavor for milk chocolate lovers and dark chocolate lovers. They are also soft and chewy, and will leave your taste buds craving more!

Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes:
These are called chocolate chocolate cupcakes, and only for real chocolate lovers who appreciate the essence of chocolate. So for the frosting, it is made up of a nice, creamy, smooth, intense ganache. And the cupcake itself is a not-too-sweet cupcake with a bang. So when combined together, it makes a great pair, because the frosting and the cupcake balance each other.

The Devil's Secret: Chocolate Cake
This cake is really intense. It has a glossy chocolate frosting that tops it off.  The reason it got it's name, The Devil's Secret, is because
the cake itself will really make you fall in love at first bite. It's almost like you're committing sin by eating it, because it's soooo gooood.

Coming Soon:
In the future I plan on having my own catering business and making other things such as cookie dough, chocolate syrup and other baked goods, plus mastering vegan desserts.